Vari-Lite VL5LED’s dynamic colours give punch to Peso Pluma Doble P tour

Photo: Dave Malave

Production designer and show director Ryan Wiley selected 48 VL5LED Washes from Vari-Lite for the Peso Pluma Doble P tour. 

Amish Dani, owner and executive producer, Frameworx explained: “With the artist’s meteoric rise being fuelled by social media, we wanted to make sure we delivered a show that was very photogenic from both a lighting and video standpoint.”

The RGBALC additive colour mixing system on the Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash offers a colour range and a high CRI, making it an ideal fixture for the Peso Pluma tour. “I’m a big VL guy,” said Wiley. “The VL5LEDs are great for the camera, and colour-wise they are often able to achieve nice, saturated stage looks, which was an aesthetic we were shooting for on this.”

“The client was looking for a fresh new look for a very traditional style of music and brought us in to help deliver that,” Dani said. “The VL5LED Wash ended up being a very important fixture in our design; Ryan chose the VL5’s as the floor fixture over others because of the fixture’s aesthetics and dynamism.”

“I wanted a new feel when it came to the actual face of the fixture,” said Wiley. “I loved the unique look of the VL5LED. The fixture is very versatile. It moves smoothly and packs the punch you need for the dimmer and colour FX I tend to use in our shows.”

The show was programmed by Davey Martinez and Giovanny Carvajal. The VL5LED Washes were provided by 3G Productions.