Two Ultra-Slim HDMI 4K Splitters Debut from TEKVOX

TEKVOX has unveiled a pair of full-featured, ultra-slim HDMI 4K splitters for the 4K Pro A/V community. The TEK SUH-2 (79070) and TEK SUH-4 (79071) are designed to simultaneously repeat a HDMI source input to two or four displays, respectively.

“We’re pleased to announce the addition of these HDMI 4K splitters to our product line,” said TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “The TEK SUH-2 and TEK SUH-4 offer advanced 4K support in an ultra-small, ultra-slim chassis for clean and easy-to-conceal installations.”

The new products offer identical feature sets, so users can select the device best suited for their display needs. The TEK SUH-2 has two simultaneous HDMI outputs to support two displays while the TEK SUH-4 boasts four simultaneous HDMI outputs to accommodate four displays.

Both are compliant with HDMI 1.4 and are capable of transmitting up to 1080p 3D and 4K signals and are HDCP compliant. The HDMI 4K splitters support EDID management and auto-identify the input resolution. The devices automatically adopt the resolution of the first detected display from ports 1-2, for the TEK SUH-2, and ports 1-4, for the TEK SUH-4.

An LED indicator shows connection status and input HDCP compliance status. The products also support hot plugging and online firmware updating.