Turbosound Provides Coverage At Gentse Feesten 2016

A large Turbosound system of more than 70 loudspeakers recently provided coverage for two stages of The Gentse Feesten, one of Europe’s biggest cultural festivals held annually across the city of Ghent, Belgium.

Splendit, the largest Turbosound rental company in the Benelux, was commissioned to ensure consistent and controlled coverage of sound, on and off the site.

Discussing some of the set-up for the 10-day festival, Splendit’s Marijn Broeckaert said: “In addition to the controlled dispersion of the flown arrays, both stages employed cardioid bass array set ups.”

The largest of the festival’s stages, the Bij St-Jacobs, consisted of two hangs of nine TFA-600H and two TFA-600HW cabinets a side, with 12 TSW-218 subs centrally ground-stacked at the front of the stage in a cardioid array. Two hangs of three TFA-600HWs were then used for delays and monitors were covered by 16 TMW-115s and a TFA-600L drumfill sub.

A Midas XL4 was used at FOH for sound perfection.

For the Baudelopark stage, two hangs of three TFA-600Hs and two TFA-600HWs were deployed each side with nine TFA-600L subs in a central cardioid array at the front of the stage. Again, monitors were covered by eight TMW-115’s and two iQ12’s used for in-fills. The Midas PRO2 digital console was utilised at FOH.

Jelle Hollebeke was in charge of the sound for the Baudelopark stage.