Sennheiser microphones helps capture the magic of The Grand Jam

Photo: Sennheiser

The Grand Jam brought together several hundred live performers in the Deutsche Bank Park. 150 wired Sennheiser microphones as well as 40 Neumann microphones and wireless channels from the new Sennheiser EW-DX series.

The vocalists were miked with 70 Sennheiser e 935 and various e 845 and e 835. The show’s presenters used EW-DX handheld transmitters with MM 435 microphone capsules. evolution e 609 and e 606 mics were located in front of the guitar amplifiers, while the woodwind and brass sections were picked up by 12 classic Sennheiser MD 421. The strings were miked with the Neumann Miniature Clip Mic System (MCM 114 Set).

“For The Grand Jam, almost 200 channels came together at our three digital audio consoles,” said Jens Heuser, master for event technology and a specialist in event safety. With his company Music & Lights Veranstaltungsservice, Heuser was responsible for implementing the lighting and audio technology for this event. The Sennheiser microphones were provided by SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik. The Grand Jam 2023 was organised by Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH in cooperation with PK Events.

The vocalists and instrumentalists were supplied with their monitor signals, including announcements and click tracks, through their headphones via a “silent disco” system. LED boards between the tiers of the main stand also provided song lyrics and the music score. The decisive factor in ensuring timing was the synchronous reproduction of the monitor sound and video content. ​

Sound for the audience in the main stand came from three line arrays, operating at quite a high sound level as it was necessary to compensate for the sound coming directly from the musicians on the pitch. “The PA system was operated at around 3 dB above the level of the direct sound,” said Jens Heuser. “In fact, you couldn’t hear the direct sound in the stands at all. That was actually quite remarkable, because the levels of sound coming directly from the performance area were pretty awesome, as we could clearly hear during the unamplified rehearsals.”

“The sound for the audience was rich and powerful,” said Andreas Möller, Sennheiser Sales Manager Germany South/West – Professional Audio. “I received an exceptionally large amount of positive feedback praising the sound in particular. You could clearly hear the lyrics of the songs, and the instruments really came into their own. In the end, the whole package was just right, also thanks to the amazing light show and the dramatic pyrotechnics – it was an incredible spectacle that sent shivers down your spine!”

Thomas Holz, Sennheiser Relations Manager, can only agreed: “The show was fantastic, and all those involved did a brilliant job! Presenter Tobias was great at motivating everyone in the stadium, and he did it in a very pleasant way. I spent the first part of the show on the pitch among the musicians and then later I joined the spectators in the stand. I must say, the sound was excellent – I never expected such an impressive sound quality given the large number of people involved and the fact that the stadium roof was closed.”

“An event with so many musicians is in itself a special challenge, particularly because most of them are not professionals. Coordinating all these different people in a football stadium is not a trivial matter: some of them are understandably quite nervous before their big appearance. But I think that, together with the team from Music & Lights, we did a good job of mastering our part of this challenge. And not only that: the musicians and the audience had a great time together,” Jens Heuser concluded.