Tedeschi Trucks Band with CHAUVET Professional

Tony Caporale lights Tedeschi Trucks Band on their recently completed North American tour utilising 53 CHAUVET Professional STRIKE Array fixtures. 

“I’ve been saying ‘array’ a lot when I talk about this show,” said Caporale. “The word really just sums up the vision we had for this show. We’ve grouped all of the fixtures in this rig in clusters, to create what I call an ‘array style look.’  Brian Pirrone, who has a great knowledge of this band, helped great deal in connecting me to their spirit.”

The array configuration that Caporale arrived at, gave him the flexibility to reflect the  nature of the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s music in his show, which was cued out in detail for compositions, in addition to being busked at times.

“I knew I would need enough fixtures to paint a pretty picture, but also make my looks very powerful,” commented Caporale, noting that the tour’s rig was supplied by Upstaging for its summer run, and Gateway for the fall.  “I decided to design most of the fixture types in an array look to better coordinate all these fixtures. The band has a very unified presence onstage with 12 musicians, so I wanted to reflect that with the rig.

“Designing the rig in clusters, allowed me to break up the looks we had for big hits,” continued Caporale. “This kept them interesting. Doing this also framed nicely with the LED bars we used in the rig.”

A key part of Caporale’s “array” of fixtures were 39 STRIKE Array 4 units, 16 of which were positioned downstage, and 23 arranged on the upstage floor. Also contributing to the shows dynamic looks were 14 STRIKE Array 2 fixtures arranged on the upstage floor. Collectively, these fixtures were used to create some engaging crowd lighting.

“I wanted to reintroduce the classic big audience lighting look on the downstage and upstage floor to fill out the stage for big moments like crowd sing-alongs as well as musical moments,” said Caporale. “But to be honest, I really wasn’t thinking audience light at first with the STRIKE fixtures. My focus was on using them for backlight. I love a brooding tungsten ‘god look,’ it’s always been one of my favourites to use over the years. They STRIKE fixtures gave me a lot of flexibility.”

“It was a special challenge designing a rig that was meant to be in arenas, and then downscaled to include sheds and theatres,” said Caporale. “I had to do this all while trying to keep the integrity of the rig intact.”