TAIT Joins Circle Of Excellence With Microsoft

Photo: PBJS

Microsoft recently celebrated the success of its employees with help from TAIT Towers, Thinc, The Production Network, and PBJS at its national sales conference in Orlando, Florida.

Before announcing the 2016 Circle of Excellence Award winners, the Amway Center dimmed the lights, filled the arena with lit LED bracelets, began playing heavy-duty rock music, and set off an extensive pyrotechnic display.

Spotlights flashed and five 80ft tall red polysilk drapes descended to the beat of the music and hung in a long rectangle with the Circle of Excellence Award logo displayed on the centre.

Fireworks erupted around the drapes, which then disappeared to reveal the140 Circle of Excellence Award winners who were standing behind.

The distinctly branded red Microsoft kabuki drapes consisted of approximately 90 Kabuki Solenoid release rigs. Additionally, there were seven Snifter Units that had 24-inch drums with a motor to power the display.

The Kabuki Solenoids and Snifter Units were controlled and operated with TAIT Navigator, TAIT’s proprietary automation system.