Ilusovi deploys HOLOPLOT X1 system at Marbella’s Starlite Occident

As Holoplot rental partner Ilusovi deploys an X1 system for one of its first appearances at a live outdoor show in Europe, TPi pays a visit to Marbella’s famed boutique Starlite Occident festival to hear the system in action.

Taking place a short drive away from the popular coastal city of Marbella, Starlite Occident festival is an epic three-month event where an old quarry is transformed into a temporary venue and club destination. With audiences being shuttled from the car park by Ford’s brand-new electric 4x4s, VIP packages offering table service during show as well as a club night that didn’t wrap up until 6am, this was certainly not your standard summer festival – there wasn’t a Wellington boot in sight.

This article originally appeared in issue #277 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Ryan Penny