Star Roofing for Queensberry Crossing

Star Events supplied a roofed Vista Royal box, complete with a passenger lift, VIP seating, a 17m Orbit stage and more to Unique Events for the formal opening of the £1.35bn Queensferry Crossing.

The leading UK stage suppliers provided media structures at the south side of the crossing, where 53 years after performing a similar duty at the neighbouring Forth Road Bridge, the Queen, who was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, cut a ceremonial ribbon.

The Queen then travelled the 2,700m to the north side by car to make a speech from the 12.5m Vista.

Unique’s Production Manager Rab Randall commented: “The Vista system has a proven royal pedigree and was a perfect fit for this job. Nothing can be left to chance and it was a pleasure to work with Star Events’ quality and experience.”

Pete Holdich, Head of Structures at Star Events, added: “The enquiry came to us in 2016 but a date couldn’t be fixed at that point due to the fluidity of the bridge construction. We kept kit available which, outside a custom overlay for the Vista system, was all stock equipment.

“Unique put a great team together and the event went really well, as BBC coverage and YouTube will testify. We started the out as soon as the focus had moved from the south of the Crossing to the north and the carriageway was clear by late afternoon.”

Nearly 24 million vehicles are expected to use the Queensferry Crossing each year, reducing the strain on the Forth Road Bridge, which will provide for cyclists, walkers, buses and taxis.