SSL L300 Used on Chance the Rapper Tour

Monitor Engineer Robert Ziemba

Chance the Rapper’s most recent tour, the Magnificent Coloring World Tour, had its theatrical-style realised with SSL L300 live consoles, supplied by VER Tour Sound.

FOH Engineer Kyle Bulmann, and Monitor Engineer Robert Ziemba had to work a complex show, including puppeteers and a band. The show inputs were 16 channels from the drum kit, dry and FX lines from the trumpet player, four keyboards, six channels of tracks, click, and seven RF mic channels. “With all the talkback and utility inputs, the show ended up being about 60 channels,” explained Bulmann.

He added: “The front end [of the L300] is so clean and there’s so much headroom internally that the band can be as free-spirited and dynamic as they want. You can hit a Stem pretty hard, then go into another Stem, then a Master, then a Matrix, and make adjustments at any point without ever running out of headroom.”

The Magnificent Coloring World Tour began on 15th September 2016 in San Diego, and ended on 26th November in Manchester.