Spectrum Audio Solutions levels up with L-Acoustics for The Cashew Festival Goa

Spectrum Audio Solutions, an event equipment solutions provider based in Goa, has long been synonymous with quality and innovation in the live sound industry. With roots going back to its humble beginnings of a modest setup of 12 units of the L Acoustics dV DOSC line array modules and 8 units of SB218 subwoofers, the company has evolved into a significant player in the market, delivering exceptional sound experiences for a wide range of events. And recently, Spectrum Audio Solutions made a substantial investment to expand its existing loudspeaker inventory, enhancing its capacity to provide high-performance audio solutions for multiple events simultaneously.

The recent acquisition includes 24 units of KUDO line array modules, known for their large-format, high-performance capabilities that ensure precise coverage and exceptional sound quality. Additionally, the company has added 12 more dV DOSC line array modules, complementing their existing inventory and maintaining their reputation for unmatched sound clarity. To cater to versatile event needs, Spectrum Audio Solutions has integrated 24 units of ARCS multi-purpose loudspeakers into their arsenal. These speakers are designed to deliver powerful audio across a range of applications.

Furthermore, the company has also invested in an array of subwoofers, including 8 units of SB118, 12 units of SB28, 12 units of SB218, and 12 units of dV subs. This comprehensive subwoofer setup ensures that audiences experience rich, full-spectrum sound. On the stage monitor front, 8 additional units of the HIQ XTI 115 stage monitors have been added to offer performers a pristine foldback experience. Furthermore, Spectrum Audio Solutions has expanded its amplification and processing capabilities by incorporating more units of the LA8 and LA48A power amplifiers from L Acoustics, along with advanced loudspeaker management processors from Dolby Lake.

Spectrum Audio Solutions’ strategic inventory upgrade is attributed to the company’s dynamic 22-year-old Managing Director Ms. Maria Rodrigues, whose innate understanding of the live sound business and unique leadership approach is noted to have propelled the company to new heights in recent times; while building on the solid foundation laid by her father Mr. Renzil Rodrigues who is the Founder Director of Spectrum Audio Solutions.

Maria shared insights on the investment decision as she commented “Our company was founded on the principal of delivering only the best in quality and service. And though we began with a relatively modest setup, the superior sound quality and reliability of these systems quickly garnered positive feedback from clients and industry peers alike; thereby allowing our company to steadily grow and evolve into a comprehensive audio solutions company that now serves an enhanced portfolio of clients and event. With an increase in the sheer magnitude of events and with every event organizer now demanding world-class soundscapes for their projects – the decision to grow our existing L Acoustics inventory was quite natural.

Our team of in-house experts were already very familiar with L Acoustics’ technical nuances and workflows; and so, we knew that acquiring and transitioning to the new system would be quite effortless and seamless. Plus, the brand stands for quality and excellence – just like Spectrum Audio Solutions!”

Soon after upgrading their inventory, Spectrum Audio Solutions was called upon to provide their expertise and trademark brand of high-quality service for the second season of the Cashew Festival Goa. This prestigious event, held from May 10th to 12th at the DB Bandodker Ground in Panjim, was organized by the Goa Forest Department and Vinsan World Events Goa; with the festival designed to be an immersive experience that spotlighted the rich culture and legacy of Goa through a strong emphasis on world-class production quality.

Tasked with spearheading the technical design and commissioning of the audio production, Spectrum Audio Solutions went above and beyond to ensure an awe-inspiring experience for attendees. After surveying the venue and considering crucial aspects such as its physical dynamics, the festival curators’ technical vision, and the performance requirements of various world-class artists – the likes of which included fan-favourites like Dhvani Bhanushali, Ash King, and Nikhil Sachdeva – team Spectrum Audio formulated a meticulous plan that involved deploying state-of-the-art technologies to create an ultra-formidable live sound architecture.

The main PA system comprised 24 units of the newly added KUDO line array modules, suspended in a stereo hang on either side of the stage; with this deployment offering high-quality sound with optimum fidelity across the frequency range, as it effortlessly covered the entire audience area that spanned over 240 feet. And to envelop the audience in deep, resonant bass, the team deployed over 12 units of the SB28 subwoofers as part of the main FOH setup, with the subwoofers being strategically placed to offer unparalleled low-frequency fidelity.

Furthermore, to enhance the quality of the sound experience for the audience members located directly in front of the stage, team Spectrum Audio relied on the ARCS multi-purpose loudspeakers coupled with the SB218 subwoofers to serve as the high-performance front-fill reinforcement that ensured a truly consistent sonic experience for every attendee. It is important to note here that team Spectrum Audio Solutions were able to ensure a remarkably quick system setup and tuning, thanks to their extensive experience with these systems – which allowed them unparalleled advantage in leveraging the wide dispersion capabilities and high-SPL output of the L Acoustics system to bring together a truly magnificent soundscape for the audience.

A similar world-class audio experience was afforded to the artists performing on stage as well, as team Spectrum Audio provisioned world-class RF infrastructure with the deployment of multiple units of the highly acclaimed Axient Wireless System from Shure and the industry favourite 6000 series and G4 systems from Sennheiser. Furthermore, they also coalesced a comprehensive foldback architecture which saw multiple units of the HIQ XTI 115 stage monitors meticulously spread across the stage to offer a pristine stage-monitoring experience; while world-class side-fill reinforcement was provided by the dv DOSC modules coupled with SB118 subwoofers deployed on-stage.

Complete control over the soundscape for the event was achieved through the use of AVID’s world-class S6L-24D live mixing console and the Vi3000 digital mixing console from Soundcraft; as these consoles, along with external I/O racks, offered all the necessary tools and unparalleled dexterity in terms of I/O support, thereby allowing sound engineers an unprecedented level of authority in terms of tailoring the sound quality and performance precisely.

Artists and audiences alike, attested to the fact that the Cashew Festival Goa 2024 exuded the kind of world-class soundscape that the city has seldom witnessed in the past – as Mr. Siddhesh Mahambre, a partner at Vinsan World Events Goa, provided glowing feedback on the sound system and service rendered by Spectrum Audio Solutions for the vent.

“We were really pleased with the setup and the level of professionalism and attention to detail displayed by team Spectrum Audio. The clarity of sound throughout the event was exceptional – from speeches to musical performances, every word and note came through with remarkable clarity, significantly enhancing the overall experience for our attendees. Plus, the fact that the team were able to maintain precise control over the volume levels, especially in a venue of this size, was truly commendable. Everyone at the venue, especially the artists, really appreciated the responsiveness of the sound system to adjustments, and the fact that appropriate volume levels were maintained throughout the course of the event without any issues.

Above it all, I believe the team’s availability and willingness to address any technical issues in the most prompt and efficient manner, is what truly elevated the event experience for all of us. Team Spectrum Audio’s expertise and quick response ensured an overall smooth operational experience; with this level of support being instrumental in managing the event’s technical aspects seamlessly, and the eventual success of the festival. I can confidently say that the 2024 edition of the Cashew Festival Goa has been successful in creating a memorable experience for audiences and artists alike, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with team Spectrum Audio Solutions again in the future. Their dedication to excellence is truly commendable, and it was a genuine pleasure collaborating with them!”

With their recent investment in expanding their inventory, Spectrum Audio Solutions’ commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive their growth, as Mr. Renzil Rodrigues, Founder Director of Spectrum Audio Solutions, reflects on the experience of working on the Cashew Festival Goa, and on what the future holds for the company, stating: “The technical prowess and methodical approach of our team were key factors in ensuring the smooth progression of all three days of the event. Our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences were evident in the flawless execution of the festival. And as we look to the future, Spectrum Audio Solutions remains dedicated to providing unparalleled sound experiences for events of all sizes and formats, solidifying our reputation as industry leaders in the region.”