Spatial and immersive audio benefits demonstrated by Adamson at ISE 2023

Adamson's spatial audio demonstration at ISE features Adamson Fletcher Machine and a sound system employing Adamson CS- and IS-Series cabinet.

Over 300 sound engineers, integrators, and audio architects received an educational demonstration on the benefits Adamson’s spatial rendering engine provides to sound system design and audience enjoyment.

Featuring Adamson Fletcher Machine and a sound system employing Adamson CS- and IS-Series cabinets, the event was hosted at Theatre Lliure, a member of the European public theatre network mitos21. Visitors attended one of 10 sessions in the intimate space.

Demonstration host and Director of Operations EMEA, Jochen Sommer explained, “Our approach in showcasing spatialization technology is to start with the historical simplicity of the techniques. The Adamson Fletcher Machine is named after the father of stereophonic sound, Harvey Fletcher. His practical experiments in the 1930s are what we’re rendering in real-time today.”

Demonstrations included comparisons of stereo source material with traditional mixing techniques and spatialization rendered with Adamson Fletcher Machine. During the comparisons, guests walked around the space to hear sound qualities perceived in various positions in the theatre.

Spanish sound designer Javier Isequilla of Woods Engineering said of the demo, “I was intrigued by the presentation so much that I repeated my visit a second day. The reverb engine was impressive, as well as the overall user experience. The availability of the virtual Adamson Fletcher Machine to run on personal computers was smart. I downloaded the free software at the show to start experimenting with the technology.”

Adamson will demonstrate its spatial audio systems featuring its suite of technologies at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, FL, 14-16 June.