SOUND.COM Invests in DiGiCo SD5 Digital Mixing Console

Warren D’souza with is new SD5

Mumbai-based SOUND.COM, one of India’s foremost rental companies, recently added a DiGiCo SD5 digital mixing console to its inventory, purchased through DiGiCo’s authorised India partner, Hi-Tech Audio Systems, New Delhi.

Mr. Warren D’souza, Managing Director of SOUND.COM, explained why he opted for the SD5 and how it will help the company to continue to meet these goals.

“For me it was a simple decision and there wasn’t any other console on my purchase radar,” D’souza said. “It is the most rider acceptable console globally and Stealth Core2’s exceptional processing power increases the SD5’s channel count to 243 inputs, 124 Aux/Sub Groups and 24X24 Matrix. And that’s just the beginning. We were essentially investing in a SD7, but without the dual engine and an incredible work surface.”

“The ability to have Waves plugins is also a big advantage, the commitment from both DiGiCo and Waves to developing better products, plus the addition of DiGiGrid interfaces made it an obvious, future proof choice. It’s not a secret that DiGiCo is the number one choice for all top-touring engineers, globally.” He added.

D’souza noted: “The SD5 is not genre-specific. It can be used for anything from concerts, televised events, sporting to global spectaculars. In my opinion, this is the only desk that can we wired to any end of an optical cable, whether it’s for FOH, monitors or broadcast.”

“We also have a tried and tested SD10 that we recently upgraded to Stealth Core 2 and optics. In the past, we have had many productions that need two DiGiCo consoles and there is also a demand for higher buss counts and inputs channels, particularly on our top tier productions. This cemented our reasons for working with DiGiCo and investing in their products.” D’souza commented.

He then concluded: “We have been associated with Warren for a long time and have seen him investing only in the best,” said Mr. Rajan Gupta, Managing Director, Hi-Tech Audio Systems. “He was very clear on his requirements and what the SD5 could deliver for him. We congratulate Warren on his purchase.”