Sound Architecture becomes HOLOPLOT distributor for Iberia

Sound Architecture was established in collaboration with Ilusovi Servicios. Building on the company’s years of experience in the AV industry, Sound Architecture is ready to apply its expertise to the integration sector, with the latest in audio technology as its flagship product solution.

When standard services and products fall short of solving their client’s needs, Ilusovi offers customised AV system design and development, leveraging its expert R&D and electroacoustics departments.

The ethos is underlined by the decision to make an investment in the HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array technology and simultaneously create a new company, Sound Architecture, which has been appointed as the first authorised distributor of HOLOPLOT products in the Iberia region. Ilusovi, meanwhile, immediately completed its first successful rollout of the X1 Matrix Array, with a three-month stint at the recent Marbella Starlite Occident festival.

“Sound Architecture comprises professionals with over 30 years of experience across various sectors related to audio and its processing,” commented Jose Manuel Jimenez, Owner of Ilusovi Servicios and CEO of Sound Architecture. “The company was founded with the mission to deliver collaborative solutions in tandem with HOLOPLOT systems, the pioneers behind a revolutionary era of sound through their ground-breaking Matrix Array sound systems.”

Jimenez added: “Our goal is to offer comprehensive assistance for both permanent installations and ad hoc, dynamic projects. For these ventures, we strive to bring an element of surprise to the visitors and clients alike with an unparalleled auditory journey, aiming to deliver an exceptional experience that truly captivates.”

Having been first introduced to HOLOPLOT at this year’s ISE when he visited the company’s demo room with another Ilusovi team member, Jimenez says that the presentation, “completely shattered our understanding of how sound can be controlled. The way X1 can precisely steer sound by providing directivity control in both the vertical and horizontal axes was simply unbelievable. After the demo ended, my colleague and I went in for a second time. And then a third time.”

Jimenez recognises the huge opportunities the system opens up, whilst acknowledging they are still in the early stages of familiarising themselves with HOLOPLOT technology and discussing potential applications with their customers. “With so many possibilities, it ignites your imagination. It feels like the sky’s the limit with X1,” Jimenez declared.

Jimenez envisions potential in using HOLOPLOT for large festivals, congresses, exhibitions, and experiential audiovisual projects that require a high level of sound control: “Any event that demands homogeneous, flexible, and precise sound coverage is a perfect use case for HOLOPLOT,” he added. “With the first rollout of X1 proving such a great success, now that Starlite festival is over we are planning to take it on a roadshow to Spain’s largest cities. Our aim is to demonstrate the power of HOLOPLOT technology to our customers, who have all been really curious and excited about the technology since seeing it in action at the festival.”

Shedding some light on future plans, Jimenez concluded by stating their intention to at least double their HOLOPLOT stock in order to serve a wide variety of projects. “The latest exciting news for us has been HOLOPLOT’s announcement of their new X2 Matrix Array, which offers best-in-class intelligibility and sound quality in a more compact form. As I said before, investing in HOLOPLOT isn’t just about acquiring another sound system. It feels like unlocking a magical key that leads to a whole different realm of creative possibilities!”