SJ Grevett and DMX Productions create looks for MOBO Awards

Supporting the music on stage at the MOBO Awards was a lighting design by SJ Grevett and operated by Liam Griffiths and Kris Goodman that featured 98 CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

Drawn from the company’s inventory, the kit included 24 Maverick Storm 4 Profiles, 30 Maverick Storm 3 BeamWashes, 32 STRIKE 1 units and 12 COLORado PXL16 motorised tilting battens. “We went for the big and bold look with brightest fixtures, so we could really punch through against so much LED screen space on camera,” said Grevett.

Throughout the show, Griffiths changed colour combinations, careful to coordinate them with video content. Goodman expanded and contracted the amount of dark space and key light to ensure that its looks were varied and interesting for both the lived audience and television viewers.

“We didn’t see content until a few days before the show, so everything was a bit of a stab in the dark, then tweaked on site. It was a real team effort to bring the creative ideas of the artists to life,” said Grevett.

Grevett set the looks within a clearly defined framework on his 12-meter trim stage. “Essentially, when it comes to award shows, in my opinion, are two options, either frame a stage as we did in this case, or just go huge on the back with a massive open stage,” he explained. “Budget dictated that we framed it for this show, so we squeezed as much kit in as small as possible space. This ensured that every camera shot was filled with light and screen.”