Side Door announces On the Road with Side Door U.S. Touring Program

Side Door, the platform giving agency to artists and turning any space into a music venue, has announced the launch of its new incentive program, On the Road with Side Door. The program is available to Artists showcasing at Folk Alliance International (FAI) in Kansas City or South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festival in Austin, playing ticketed Side Door shows between January and March 2023, and ensures a $200 USD guarantee for artists. The guarantee is in addition to the net ticket revenue split from shows.

Artists can create a profile on Side Door’s website, select their desired dates/show locations with a Show Call and connect with Side Door’s music venue hosts directly to book shows. Artists can also use Show Calls to attract new hosts from within their existing fanbases. Artists who have completed this process can submit an application for a chance to receive the show guarantee.

“De-risking touring is essential at the moment. It’s harder than ever to make it work,” says Side Door co-founder Dan Mangan, “we want to help artists find meaningful shows while alleviating some of the financial burden associated with touring.”

The initiative contributes to Side Door’s overarching mission of building a future where live performance is accessible to all by providing artists with a sustainable revenue stream and connecting venue hosts, talent, and audiences.

“With a dearth of music venues and revenue opportunities for artists, it’s essential to increase the number of spaces where touring artists can play. Side Door is helping to turn music fans and supporters into DIY presenters to make this happen,” says Laura Simpson, CEO, and co-founder of Side Door. “With the US Touring Program, we’re incentivising artists to help us spread the word and reach new hosts to grow the ecosystem overall.”

Guarantees in the program are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. Artists can apply for any number of Side Door shows as part of this program. Side Door strongly encourages applications from under-represented groups. Applications with diverse programming and shows that promote under-represented voices will be prioritised.