Shure Celebrates 50 Years Of SM58

Shure is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its immensely popular SM58 microphone, and has announced the introduction of a 50th Anniversary model, along with a variety of initiatives to engage and inspire loyal SM58 fans.

Some of the activities planned by Shure include a charitable auction of specially-designed SM58 artist editions, a comprehensive, multi-lingual website packed with historical information, artist photos, videos, and fan stories, and customer engagement activities, including the ability for fans to share their experiences and memorable moments on social media and through a video project submission.

Shure will auction specially-designed SM58 artist microphone editions online, with the proceeds going to the charity of the artist’s choice.

“The SM58 has been at the centre of unforgettable musical performances for 50 years and has left its mark on generations of audiences and performers,” said Soren Pedersen, Product Specialist at Shure. “Truly, it was born to perform, and any performer who picks up an SM58 in 2016 can depend on that same great sound that so many have shared in. We are thrilled and honored to celebrate this milestone and look forward to hearing about the experiences of SM58 fans from around the world.”