Shawn Mendes Builds his Sound with Adamson

Shawn Mendes reinforced by Adamson E15 line arrays during recent Madison Square Garden concert.

Up and coming Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes recently toured the United States and Canada with an Adamson E-Series sound reinforcement system provided by Cleveland, Ohio-based Eighth Day Sound.

“I had not used the rig before, but had heard it many times and really liked the sound quality,” explained Tom Wood, FOH Engineer for Mendes. “When I talked with Eighth Day Sound and they explained how flexible the system was, I knew it would work – and it was exceptional.”

The tour was on the road with a full complement of Adamson E and S-Series line array modules and subwoofers. The larger arena shows used left-right arrays made up of 12 E15 and three E12 enclosures with a total of 16 E119 subwoofers flown in two arrays of eight. 12 S10 enclosures per side were selected for outfill when necessary. Further low end was provided by 16 E119 ground-stacked subwoofers. Front fill was covered by eight S10 enclosures.

“The E119 is probably one of the best subs I have used, ever,” added Wood. ”It is mind blowing how much power consistently comes out of those boxes.”

The final concert at Madison Square Garden required 270° of coverage to ensure the fans had an experience they would not soon forget. Additional E-Series enclosures were brought in to cover the larger venue, with 12 E15 and three E12 enclosures providing coverage. Two more line arrays, made up of eight S10 enclosures each, were utilised to cover the expanded listening area. There were also two delay towers of eight S10 each hung behind / above FOH to cover seats where sound was blocked by the scoreboard.

“The bar has been raised for what people expect sonically at concerts,” Wood continued. “Making sure the people in the front are not having a radically different show from those in the back can be difficult to achieve. With the Adamson system, we consistently found a happy medium.”

Sound reinforcement throughout the tour was easily scaled for smaller venues, typically eliminating the use of flown subwoofers and utilising the more compact S10 line arrays when outfill was necessary.

“Since we started working together two years ago, I have worked with Shawn to build his sound,” concluded Wood. “We started with a blank canvas. Now we’ve added Adamson. It’s all coming together.”