SGM Luminaires Added to Marinov&Merkulov’s Inventory

Russian rental company Marinov&Merkulov decided to upgrade their lighting department last year with new fixtures. They expanded their inventory by investing first in the SGM X-5 strobe, then the G-Spot moving head – and finally the SixPack blinder.

Co-owners Oleg Smirnov and Eugene Merkulov first crossed paths with SGM eight years ago working with small moving heads and consoles. Rediscovering SGM years later, they were positively surprised by the new SGM. “A modern, well-organised company with a fresh perspective and perfect quality products”, said Smirnov.

Taking a closer look at the entire new SGM product portfolio, Marinov and Merkulov felt reassured that they were on the right path. Merkulov, who is also the company’s main Lighting Designer and Technical Director, explained: “The closer look multiplied our excitement. Most products are IP65-rated and have wireless DMX channels on board. All fixtures have RDM and RFID, and all of them are LED fixtures featuring LEDs with correct, bright, good-coloured output. As a rental company we have plenty of outdoor lighting jobs and SGM’s product range fits perfectly; dust and moisture protection together with great light intensity.”