SGM Light announces the new Touring VPL

SGM has updated its Video Pixel Linear product so that it is completely suitable for any temporary production setting or touring environment.

The main features that make this possible are:

1. Replacement of the proprietary power/data cable and connector with touring Industry standard power and data connectors.
2. A new, low-profile clamp and bracket system which enables creation of shapes as well as flexible, quick attachment to truss.
3. New firmware which provides individual addressing of each VPL as well as sACN universe priority handling.

Because of its proprietary LED design, the Touring VPL can reproduce high visibility pixel content even in high ambient light environments. By expanding the imaging area per pixel in an LED cluster, and pre-mixing the colours inside the Quad cluster, SGM considerably improves the impact for direct view applications. This easily integrated fixture is suitable for a wide range of applications, including media façades, concerts, stadiums, theme parks or just about any temporary installation. And, this direct view pixel product, allows the end user to run long lengths from one end point, meaning that up to 260 feet of pixel lighting can be achieved at 240 volts from a single data and power point.

Additional features of the Touring VPL include:

● IP65-rated Video Pixel Linear luminaire
● 64 Quad Full-Color LED Pixel Clusters (256 Full-ColorLEDs per unit); 16 Quad Full-Color LED Pixel Clusters (64 Full-Color LEDs per unit); or, 32 Quad Full-Color LED Pixel Clusters (64 Full-Color LEDs per unit)
● Power and data in one cable with no need for external power supplies
● Long runs on a single circuit
● IK08-rated, UV and Corrosion resistant
● 16 bit control, Real time remote monitoring
● Auto or individual addressing