SGM Light announces direct route to market in Germany and Austria

SGM Light has announced a new direct route to Market in Germany and Austria with the following statement:

Founded in 1975 and reinvented in 2009, SGM Light has pushed the limits of the professional LED lighting industry towards a more powerful, flexible, and efficient product design approach.

Germany and Austria have always been core markets for SGM Light products and SGM Deutschland as our exclusive distributor has done an extraordinary job over the years. But as our product line evolves to meet the needs of entertainment and fixed installations, so must our route to market. Therefore, to further strengthen and streamline our efforts to support customers in Germany, SGM Light now has a direct to market setup. This makes Germany even more of a priority by handling the market with direct to factory support while increasing flexibility of sale to all customers.

This new direct to market setup will:

  • Strengthen our support for the entertainment lighting market.
  • Ensure closer cooperation between German & Austrian customers and SGM.
  • Help coordinate permanent-installation sales in a more streamlined way.
  • Speed up communication with customers for sales and support.
  • Offer greater flexibility both in terms of sale, service, and stock levels.
  • Offer better delivery times both in Germany and to German customers in other locations.