Sensaphonics dB Check Pro sound level analyser

Sensaphonics will be demonstrating its dB Check Pro in-ear sound level analyser at The NAMM Show.

dB Check Pro provides real-time data on how loud a user is listening to their IEMs or headphones with both earpieces in place. The patented in-line device displays average SPL levels at a user’s ears and safe exposure times. It also tracks ambient noise levels with its on-board microphone.

The second-generation Pro iteration features a larger touchscreen display to provide more information at a glance, improved readability and streamlined operation, along with enhanced battery life. dB Check Pro is programmed to work with over 140 top professional IEM and headphone models from 12 leading manufacturers.

“The biggest issue with in-ear monitors and hearing health is that there is no easy way to know if you are listening at safe levels. We’re changing that,” declared Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics President and audiologist. “The dB Check Pro acts as a speedometer for your ears by letting you know when you’re putting yourself in danger by exceeding exposure limits and facing permanent sound-induced hearing loss. In an industry that requires excellent hearing while working at high volume levels, dB Check Pro can literally be a career saver. Every tour, every sound engineer, and every musician should have one.”

The dB Check Pro is an in-line measurement device that plugs in between an IEM or headphone and its sound source, such as a monitor mix from a console or wireless bodypack.

The dB Check Pro’s OLED display shows both the time-averaged and real-time levels in dBA, plus daily safe exposure time in minutes under both NIOSH and OSHA scales.
Essentially, dB Check Pro works by translating the output voltage of IEMs or headphones into an A-weighted decibel value (dBA-SPL), based on the monitor manufacturer’s published sensitivity specifications for each programmed model.

dB Check Pro also functions as a basic environmental sound level meter, with an integral on-board microphone that measures ambient room levels. The user can set the View to display IEM/headphone levels, room ambience levels, or both together.

The dB Check Pro is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 11 hours of use. Its mini-USB charging port also enables firmware updates to accommodate additional IEM and headphone models.

“At Sensaphonics, our mission is to protect the hearing of the entire music industry, not just our own clients. Intentionally designing dB Check Pro to work with all major IEM brands is a big step toward making that goal a reality,” added Dr. Santucci. “It’s truly the only device that helps musicians make informed choices about how loud to monitor. The dB Check Pro is an incredible tool for using in-ear monitors safely and reducing your risk of permanent sound-induced hearing injury.”