Second Warehouse Goes Mobile

Second Warehouse is simplifying pro AV cross rental as the service debuts on mobile and tablet.

Based on a Progressive Web Application, Second Warehouse for mobile can be installed on an Apple or Android device with a single tap. With this upgrade, you will be able to find and hire vital equipment in a shorter space of time.

Dedicated to simplifying and speeding up the essential but previously time-consuming and costly activity of equipment cross-rental between pro AV rental companies, Second Warehouse allows rental companies of all sizes to trade with one another in a safe, fast, monitored and cost-effective environment. A rental company searching Second Warehouse for AV equipment will find what they need in a matter of seconds, while every item returned in their search will be from a fellow rental company whose gear would otherwise remain unused.

Best of all, Second Warehouse only costs you money when it makes you money. For the supplier, the cost is a small percentage commission, while for the hirer, the process is free. Companies are also able to select up to 2 ‘Preferred Users’, with whom they can trade on Second Warehouse as much as they like without any commission to pay. There are no sign-up or subscription fees. Since its launch in late February, the number of companies registering for the web-based service has surged beyond expectations.

Now, the same functionality is available in the palm of your hand.

Second Warehouse for mobile takes the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA), a new way to access mobile content. Easy and quick to install with full security for Second Warehouse users, the PWA works you’re your device’s own browser, requiring only KBs of space yet delivering all the features of the desktop version. To install the PWA on a device, users can simply visit the Second Warehouse website and follow the onscreen instructions. For the best experience, Android users should use Chrome, Samsung or Firefox browsers, while Apple users should use Safari.

“Having received such an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of Second Warehouse, we are now very excited to bring all the benefits of the service to your mobile device,” commented the founder of Second Warehouse, well known touring engineer and industry veteran Stuart Kerrison. “Now for the first time you can take care of all your cross rental needs and keep your own gear out and working, all while you’re in a field during set-up for a gig! All it takes is 2 minutes on your phone – it couldn’t be easier.”

Second Warehouse for mobile currently supports all models of Android phone as well as iPhone and iPad, with imminent support for Android tablets. Push notifications are available on Android devices, with support from Apple soon to follow.