SAVEUS Arena Tour with CLF Orion

Photo courtesy of Morten Rygaard

The 2019 Arena tour of SAVEUS featured an impressive setup with brand new CLF Orion fixtures. SAVEUS is a Danish electronic pop/soul act with frontman Martin Hedegaard.

When playing live, Hedegaard is accompanied by his live band consisting of Simon MacGregor on keys and synth, Kasper Krabbe on guitar and synth, and Mathias Miang on drums.

LD Theis Wermuth from Create This was asked to create a spectacular look for the 2019 Arena shows in Copenhagen and Aarhus. With the idea of creating big pods of light, needed for an electronic/digital look, he included ladders with 24 CLF Orion hybrid moving heads and 32 CLF Ares LEDwashes as main light.

Theis Wermuth explained: “I wanted a powerful hybrid fixture that could make beams and nice breakup looks. The CLF Orion was more than perfect for this. They were used for creating nice, subtle looks, but also for powerful highlights. For strobe effects, I searched for a powerful LED fixture. I was hugely impressed by the output of the CLF Ares when using them before, so I decided to use them as LED strobe.”

Both fixtures will be deployed as well for the SAVEUS festival tour. All equipment for the shows was supplied by Sound & Light. This medium-sized rental company is based in the northern part of Denmark and founded in the 80s. The main activities of Sound & Light are medium-sized productions, tours and a significant amount of dry-hire.

Frederik Lisborg said “We do our very best to make sure that all equipment looks and works like new. We have been using the CLF Ares for one year now and it hasn’t let us down. Based on the service level of distributor Atendi and CLF Lighting, the CLF Orion was the go-to fixture when looking for a hybrid replacement.”

The CLF Orion fulfils our need for a powerful hybrid fixture, with CMY colour mixing. It ticks all the boxes; fantastic output, large zoom ratio without the need to change modes, nice gobos and mid-air effects. Furthermore, the build quality is great and the fixtures are easy to service”, Lisborg continues. After the shows, the CLF Orions went on to their Danish TV-debut, doing the TV2-North “Årets Nordjyde 2019” television show. The fixtures are booked all summer, starting with Aalborg Carnival. The largest carnival in Northern Europe. After that, they head out for the summer for the SAVEUS summer tour, with Theis Wermuth as the designer.