Roosevelt Dsouza chooses CHAUVET fixtures for Jubin Nautiyal’s Australian Tour

Jubin Nautiyal’s longtime Lighting Designer, Roosevelt Dsouza relied on a collection of CHAUVET Professional Color STRIKE M motorised strobes for the artist’s latest Australian tour. “Every song has its own way of conveying emotions, so I treat every song differently in terms of colour,” said Dsouza. “Colour choice is closely connected to feeling.”

Although he uses the fixture’s two bright white LED tubes for strobing and audience lighting, Dsouza relies heavily on the fixture’s RGB pixel mappable face to create colourful effects.

Dsouza divided the 16 Color STRIKE M fixtures in his rig evenly between stage left and stage right truss structures. Each of the horizontal structures are arranged in three ascending rows, providing Dsouza with a variety of angles to create colourful multi-level effects.

Given the breadth of Nautiyal’s catalogue, Dsouza adorns the stage with a wide variety of colours. However, his palettes are always smooth, rarely involving more than two or three colours at a time.

Dsouza remains careful to keep attention focused squarely on his client, his looks are created with the idea of having Nautiyal at their centre. At times, this means downlighting the artists in colours, at others it may call for a vector of side light from the Color STRIKE M directed on the star.

“I am a big believer in keeping the artist at the centre,” concluded Dsouza. “This has to be the justification of any looks I create.”