Robert Juliat Dalis 860 helps magnify beauty

Photo: Luca Parisse, Carlotta Orioli, Stephane Ait Ouarab

Magnifying the Beauty – a Cartier Show designed and directed by Lulu Helbaek and Simone Ferrari was held at the Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence on 28 May 2023. Lighting Designer, Pasquale Mari, assisted by Gianni Bertoli and Programmer, Mattia Carli was responsible for lighting the evening’s events.

Mari chose to illuminate the statues and highlight the grand architectural elements of the room using 40 Robert Juliat Dalis 860 cyclorama lights which he floor-mounted just 1m away from the painted walls and statues.

“I chose the Dalis 860 fixtures because of the purity of their whites,” Mari explained, “and for their brightness and superb optics. They also have the capacity to mix colours perfectly in such a short throw distance. These qualities gave me all the colour palette and functionality I needed to enhance the art and architecture as the perfect backdrop for this special evening.”

Mari is familiar with Robert Juliat fixtures having used them before in several opera venues including the Teatro Regio di Parma, the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro and the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. “I would recommend Robert Juliat for the high quality of the light output in all of their fixtures, and for their high level of reliability,” Mari concluded.