Ayrton Rivale Profiles light up Gazzelle’s 2024 tour

Photo: Matteo Moro

Roman singer-songwriter Gazzelle embarked on the Inside X always tour, with a total of 12 dates throughout Italy.

For the lighting design, Lighting Designer Andrea Arlotti chose the Ayrton Rivale Profile, the most versatile fixture in the Ayrton range, equipped with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement.

“I chose Ayrton because it is top of the range equipment, and supplied by Mister X,” he said. “I positioned the Rivale Profile in the hanging trusses and use them mainly for effect lighting during the songs. They have high definition and excellent beam brightness. The concept echoes that of Rome’s 2023 Olympic stadium repurposed as a sports hall. A simple but very direct concept, with large screens and linear trusses, to directly convey the emotions of each song.”

The technical team and lighting designer were extremely satisfied with the overall performance and versatility of the Rivale Profiles.

“The Ayrton units emerge above all in the more emotional pieces, where they create beautiful light states with colours or gobos. They are excellent fixtures, which stand out against others due to their colour efficiency and light power. Aesthetically it is very elegant and unobtrusive. As a first use, I really like it,” commented LD Arlotti. “It’s the first time I’ve used Rivale Profile and I still have to learn more about the use of certain parameters such as, for example, the prism which unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to use on this tour. I will certainly choose this product for the next tours too.”

Ayrton is distributed exclusively in Italy by Molpass.