Renkus-Heinz brings the sound solution to Anaheim at NAMM 2023

Renkus-Heinz will attend NAMM Show 2023 from 13 to 15 April at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

Attendees at NAMM 2023 can experience the Renkus-Heinz Sound Solution in person at booth 14001 and the Hilton Lobby center stage, where live music will be played Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights exclusively through Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers. Renkus-Heinz team members will also be on the floor at NAMM, including CTO Ralph Heinz, Product Manager Brandon Heinz and Western Regional Sales Manager Garrison Parkin.

“We aim to bring the best sound quality imaginable to our customers, and NAMM is the perfect place to display the live sound solutions we deliver for concerts, theaters, touring and more,” Ralph Heinz said. “Music is a driving force in many of our lives, and we’re excited for guests to experience the powerful, high-fidelity audio solutions featured at our booth and the Hilton Lobby, where anyone can come enjoy a drink and hear our speakers in action.”

On display at NAMM 2023 will be:

ICLive X Series
The ICLive X Series is the most versatile steerable line array on the market, ready to solve even the most challenging projects with directed, intelligible sound. As the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, the ICLive X Series represents over 15 years of research and development of digital beam-steering technology. With the ICLive X Series, Renkus-Heinz has created a compact, high-output and high-fidelity integrated system to meet the needs of nearly any live sound environment — perfect for both portable or performance-based fixed installations.

The ICLive X has been designed from the ground up to be the single most scalable sound system ever created: each mid-sized ICLX module can stand alone or be arrayed with up to 12 units to deliver precise and predictable coverage for any venue. The complementary ICLX-118S subwoofer adds powerful low-frequency energy to any ICLive X system, and a wide range of rigging and cabling accessories help simplify integration and deployment of the ICLive X Series. With ultimate flexibility, coverage and powerful beam-steering technology, the ICLive X Series offers peak sound performance in a versatile, sleek design — something no traditional loudspeaker system can match.

C Series
C Series point source loudspeakers offer outstanding, high-power audio at a competitive, cost-effective price. With versatile enclosure designs, go-anywhere hardware and rugged construction to help solve any sound reinforcement challenges with ease, the C Series is an ideal option for applications requiring both compact size and outstanding sonic performance.

The CA/CX121M 12-inch stage monitor is an excellent choice for portable and installed PA functions, from DJ systems and rental AV to performing art centers, night clubs and stadiums. The CA/CX121M offers flexibility as a pole-mounted side fill or a sound reinforcement system and removes the need for drive unit rotation or reconfiguration. The monitors are available in four variants, one passive and three powered: analog, RHAON and Dante.

S Series
The S Series features the SA/SX112, a highly powerful 12-inch woofer in an extremely easy-to-integrate cabinet. Designed for power and flexibility, the subwoofer has sixteen M10 universal mounting points that allow the SX/SA112 to be flown using M10 eyebolts. At the same time, the recessed handles, top-mounted pole adapter and available casters make portable use easy and practical.

P Series
Packed with the latest generation Complex Conic horn geometry and patented CoEntrant Mid/High driver technology, the Renkus-Heinz P Series delivers uncompromising detail and extreme sound pressure levels for live sound applications. Advanced amplification, processing and protection through Renkus-Heinz’s own SA Amplifiers provide the ultimate in performance, consistency, and reliability.

Offering high directivity, high output and impeccable vertical design, the P3-64 was developed specifically for applications needing wide horizontal directivity and tightly controlled vertical directivity. Designed for easy, unobtrusive mounting on walls and columns, the P3-64 is also engineered with flexibility in mind and features a recessed handle for easy portability and a standard pole socket for sound-on-a-stick applications.

Register for NAMM 2023 here. The Hilton Lobby performances are open to the general public.