Really Creative Media supports Clean Bandit in Kyoto

Clean Bandit launchs their What Is Love album with Really Creative Media

When Clean Bandit elected to launch their What Is Love album in a temple in Kyoto with a live TV broadcast they brought in Really Creative Media to supply their live visual content, in December 2018.

The band has developed an affinity with fans in the region, and following successful shows in Tokyo and Osaka earlier in 2018, they were keen to return to the East to launch their new album in Kyoto.

The temple’s ambience was accentuated with architectural lighting that provided a stunning backdrop for the six-song performance. In addition, a raised two-level LED stage provided a visual centrepiece for the band’s live broadcast.

Really Creative Media’s Creative Director Jack James had previously worked with Clean Bandit’s Show Designer Rob Sinclair and Lighting Designer Liam Griffiths on the band’s tour content, reuniting with the team for this global launch.

Bespoke animated analogue style content was created for the raised stage, the abstract shapes and colours from which were then precisely synchronised with the lighting to great effect. The LED panels were sourced from a local Japanese Technical Production Supplier and integrated with RCM’s media servers on location.

Jack explained: “Playback was based around one of our Resolume media server fly packs, which are ideal for the flexibility that this sort of performance demands. The compact nature of the fly pack means that they are easy to travel with, too. We produced the new content in our studios in London, also incorporating some of the pre-existing tour material which we adapted to work on the LED stage.”