Quantum Launches UV Rain Effect

Quantum Special Effects has made a vibrant splash on the Take That, Wonderland Tour with the launch of their latest innovation – UV Rain. Created using their award-winning digital rain system – the Q:Rain Graphix – Quantum’s new UV effect provides a dramatic visual for the performance of Take That’s hit song, The Flood.

Stationed above the main stage the system delivers four walls of patterned UV rainfall which surrounds the band as they stay dry, singing and dancing, within.

Take That are the first to fully utilise the possibilities of the Q:Rain Graphix to deliver a wholly bespoke water effect for their tour. With over 900 individually controlled rain heads in use, Quantum is able to produce intricate patterns of rainfall that are made visible to the audience through the aid of UV. For the Wonderland Tour five distinct patterns were programmed including: plain rainfall, the TT logo, the evolutionary figures from the Progress album cover, concentric spirals, and a block stripe. These patterns of water fall on different cues during the performance, creating a striking and moving flow of water that is in sync with the changing lyrics of the song.

The Q:Rain Graphix debuted on the Adele arena tour in 2016 where it made headlines on the opening night of the tour, surprising the audience with an indoor downpour for Set Fire To The Rain. An extremely portable piece of equipment, the system travelled to over 44 different arenas worldwide on the Adele tour and has now completed a further 26 shows across the UK with Take That.

Michael Morey, Quantum’s Crew Chief on the Wonderland Tour, explained just how quick the system is to install: ‘We can go from truck to ready to fly within just one hour. It travels on a pre-built truss system making it the perfect piece of kit for touring shows with tight time pressures.” Aside from being easy to tour with, the Q:Rain Graphix also delivers a powerful surprise factor. The effect is fully self-contained with all required water stored within stealth black tanks stationed on the truss. This along with wireless technology negates the need for obtrusive large pipes or pumps on set, allowing the system to remain concealed from the audience until activated.

Managing Director, Shaun Barnett, commented: “It is always a pleasure working with Take That. Kim Gavin, Chris Vaughan and the whole creative and production team never fail to think outside the box. They go way beyond delivering your average show experience and as a special effects company this is exactly what we love to be a part of – creating that unforgettable `wow moment` for the audience.

“We are always looking for ways to bring something new and unexpected to the table with our effects. Health and safety goes hand in hand with this and the quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us so it is great to see the UV Rain out there delivering on both these accounts.”

As well as the UV Rain, the Quantum team delivered multiple flames, confetti hits and on stage pyrotechnics for eight of the band’s songs.