QSC Power Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

The 2018 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival celebrated its 17th-anniversary hosting shows by regional artists and powered by QSC, including QSC K.2 and QSC KW Series powered loudspeakers, QSC KW181 active subwoofers and a QSC TouchMix-30 Pro Compact Digital Mixer.

QSC KW181 subs and QSC KW153 full range cabinets took care of the house while QSC K12.2s handled monitors, with a QSC KS212C and a QSC K10.2 for drum fill. QSC K8.2 Monitors were used for front fill. A QSC TouchMix-30 Pro digital console completed the system. Audio Images Sound & Lighting Inc. of Batavia, New York, provided production for many of the festival stages.

According to Sebastian Marino, Audio Images owner and President / CEO: “The QSC system did an amazing job in the tent. It was very musical and had great coverage.”

Front-of-house engineer Joe Barnes commented: “I’ve had various systems in this tent over the years and this was the best it has sounded. The bass was tight, the vocals were very natural, and the top end was extremely well defined. This tent is not the easiest environment for audio but the K.2 and KWs, combined with the features of the TouchMix-30 Pro, made getting a great sounding mix quick and easy.”