Proteus Performs at Riptide

Full service entertainment production provider Technical Entertainment Services, of south Florida, recently turned to Elation Professional’s IP65-rated Proteus Hybrid moving head fixture for unconstrained beam and mid-air looks on the 2017 edition of the Riptide Music Festival.

Despite some rain showers and an exposed downstage of Elation Professional Proteus fixtures, Lighting Designer and TES President Rob Morgan could relax as the weatherproof fixtures performed without flaw. “It rained one day and as the downstage was exposed they definitely got some weather on them but continued to perform nicely,” Morgan said. “ I was impressed with the performance and output of the light. They got a good soaking but didn’t miss a beat.”

Held 2-3 December 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Riptide Music Festival took over Fort Lauderdale Beach for the 2nd year running. TES again handled lighting, rigging and LED video for the winter beach party, which organisers had significantly expanded. The eclectic lineup recipe and multi-generational appeal – featuring Cage The Elephant, Weezer, KC and The Sunshine Band, Boyz II Men, Portugal. The Man, Saint Motel and Loverboy – proved popular as more than 20 bands within alternative, pop, rock and adult contemporary performed.

Morgan used the Proteus Hybrids on the downstage truss along with other fixtures and added a floor package further upstage behind the drum riser and below the LED wall. “We had just gotten them in and Riptide was their first outing – we love them,” he said. “The intensity is great. They cut through in outdoor applications, even during daylight hours. Incorporating them into the design I was quite happy they held their own and the way they performed.”

The Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid is Elation Professional’s award-winning 3-in-1 beam / spot / wash moving head with Philips 21R 470W lamp that offers a full feature set, including zoom in all modes. Its multi-environmental IP65 design has proved popular among rental companies that stage outdoor events as they eliminate the need for costly shrouds and weatherproof coverings.

On Riptide, Morgan killed 2 birds with one stone, using the hybrid lights as a beam fixture for thick beam looks and as a spot fixture for aerial effects with gobos. “It was a big stage, approximately 60ft deep by 80ft wide so there was a lot of real estate to cover and the Proteus did it well,” he said. “There is solid definition in the beam and they cut right through.”

Proteus wasn’t the only Elation Professional light in the rig. Providing variable white light from towers stage left and right were Elation Professional DTW Blinder 700 IP fixtures. Also multi-environmental to withstand the rain, wind, sun and sand of a beach environment, the DTW Blinder 700 IP houses 4 high-powered 175W warm white/amber COB LEDs for washes of white light or blinder blasts. They are colour temperature adjustable and can emulate the “dim to warm” look of conventional tungsten fixtures.