Professional Wireless Systems Appoints William O’Keefe Manufacturing Manager

New Manufacturing Manager of PWS, Will O'Keefe.

William O’Keefe returned to PWS where he previously worked in the manufacturing department from May 2011 through April 2013.

In his new role, O’Keefe is responsible for maintaining PWS’ current product line, fabricating custom prototypes for new, cutting-edge products, streamlining manufacturing processes and staying up-to-date on the latest RF and wireless trends.

In addition, O’Keefe supervises project progress and coordinates all manufacturing tasks to ensure a timely completion of all projects. O’Keefe also maintains current CAD drawings, bill of materials (BOMs) and raw materials inventory.

“It is great to welcome Will back to PWS,” said PWS General Manager Jim Van Winkle. “Will is an integral part of the PWS team. We already know that he’s a great fit for the company, and our vendors know it too – they have been asking for him ever since he left. Will’s leadership skills, knowledge and experience are very important to the smooth workflow and production that we expect from him and his department.”

Prior to returning to PWS, O’Keefe spent a year as Territory Manager for Makita USA. While at Makita, he served as lead sales coordinator for 40 retail sales facilities throughout Florida. O’Keefe was also responsible for effectively implementing focused marketing strategies to maximise sales that met and exceeded goals in a two-million-dollar competitive territory.

“I look forward to returning to PWS, and moving it forward to accommodate an ever changing market that is about to head into some very challenging times RF-wise” said O’Keefe. “It is a great company to work for, with great products and I am excited to be back.”