PRG Invests in Movecat

PRG has invested in Movecat VMK-S and V-Motion Powerpack 

Production Resource Group has invested in Movecat, innovative motion hoists, notable for their unusual flexible handling, whilst satisfying the highest safety level on the market.

Movecat VMK-S hoists have the possibility to move both horizontally and vertically and can move live artists; they can be controlled at variable speeds and time-synchronous runs. These high-speed hoists in combination with a Movecat V-Motion Powerpack are capable of great speeds. In addition, its control desks are optimised visually, which significantly facilitates programming.

Gary Boyd, Executive Vice President commented: “Working with Movecat over the last six months we have established a great partnership in variable speed and safety technology. We have been able to create new products at a PRG specific working with Movecat here in Stuttgart and these new products and developments will lead to a great partnership across both companies.”

Movecat fulfilled PRG’s needs going forward and proved that it was a future proof product and the safest most compliant product in all markets at this time. They are currently the only kinetic solutions on the market to have received the Safety Integration Level, meeting the highest safety standards.

Oliver Nachbauer, CFO Movecat said: “Both PRG and Movecat are looking for solutions for their clients and their requirements, working together on our products and their specifications to service these unique requirements clients have. I am very much looking forward to the partnership with PRG and the challenges we might get.”

By adding these products to the portfolio, PRG can offer an even wider range of fully integrated solutions, serving clients more creatively given the wide range of possibilities. Motion signals can now be synchronised with video and lighting cues, which will positively reflect on the cooperation between the Motion Operator, the Lighting Operator and the Video Operator.

A first batch was available from November 2018 and will further be supplemented during the month of March and June 2019. The Movecats will be featured for the first time during Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds in the UK, operated by the trained PRG crew.