PR Lighting’s Phantom Is Now a Reality

PR Lighting has announced the release of Phantom, a new hybrid moving head first previewed at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight+Sound show. An upgraded version of the XR 440 BWS, it contains a full designer’s toolkit in a single unit.

Utilising an Osram Sirius HRI 440W discharge source combined with PR Lighting’s advanced optical system, it delivers a solid beam, with 60 degrees wide wash and an even varied spot.

The fully featured fixture brings a number of advantages. These include a fixed gobo wheel with 18 fixed gobos plus open, a rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos plus open; a prism wheel, with 8-facet prism and 4-facet linear prism as well as an independent 8-facet prism; an independent frost filter; an interchangeable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds.

Other features include mechanical dimmer (0-100%); double shutter blades (0.3-25 fps); motorised linear focus and zoom. The Phantom also boasts variable beam angles: 0-2.8 degrees in Beam mode, 5-60 degrees in Spot mode and 5-60 degrees in Wash mode, all linearly adjustable. It offers Pan 540 degrees pan and 270 degrees tilt with auto position correction; DMX512 control with 22 channels in short mode, 30 in standard mode and 34 in extended mode. There is also a wireless control function.

Of modular construction to facilitate easy maintenance, Phantom was one of the big successes of this year’s Prolight+Sound and customers who preordered are delighted to see that the fixture is now in full production and shipping.