Powersoft to launch Unica & Universo cloud-based platforms in the US at InfoComm 2023

Powersoft will introduce its cloud-based platform, Unica and Universo, to the US market at InfoComm 2023 (14-16 June). The official unveiling will take place during a launch event on the first day of the show, 14th June, at 12 pm on booth #5653. The Italian audio manufacturer will also demonstrate the very best in Dynamic Music Distribution capabilities and showcase its full range of install dedicated amplifiers.

Building on Powersoft’s European launch at ISE, the Italian audio specialist is set to captivate American audience and industry partners with its most advanced amplifier platform Unica and ever-expanding Powersoft cloud, Universo, where users can store and access projects as well as monitor systems from anywhere. Leveraging next-generation cloud-based technology, to provide high sound quality, efficiency, and power density, Unica provides a reliable and consistent user experience for any size of installation.

“We are very excited to officially debut Unica and Universo to the US market. We don’t just want to replicate the success of the European launch but surpass the excitement that was the highlight of Unica’s European unveiling,” states Tom Knesel, Powersoft’s general manager, North America.

The Italian audio specialist will showcase the versatility of Unica by presenting both four-channel and eight-channel versions of the future-proof amplifier platform. Unica’s easy integration and configuration, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs, is all wrapped up in one easily upgradable package. In addition to Unica, Powersoft will also show the attendees how the Powersoft cloud works, Universo’s intuitive dashboard, the integration with ArmoníaPlus and how to manage installation sites remotely with multiple profiles. The trade show goers will also have the opportunity to participate in two daily demo sessions highlighting the features of Unica and Universo at 11am and 3pm.

“Unica plus Universo represent a paradigm shift in amplifier technology by offering a consistent, unified platform across a range of applications and solutions for Systems Integrators,” added Knesel.

On Powersoft’s booth, trade show goers can also discover a range of Powersoft’s fixed installation amplifiers; Mezzo, Duecanali and Quattrocanali. As well as learn how to control sources, zones and scenes through the WM Touch. The Italian audio specialist will also demonstrate Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD), which allows SIs to easily scale inputs and zones with dynamic routing capabilities. DMD makes it simpler to share music between different zones independently from one source location, and deliver clean and cost-effective power for multi-room distribution.

In addition to InfoComm, Powersoft will also support The Dark Ride Lab from 13th -16th June. The event is a hub of innovation where designers, engineers and creatives collaborate to create awe-inspiring experiences and offer visitors the opportunity to engage with leading experts in themed entertainment technology. The event attendees will have the chance to witness the capabilities of Powersoft’s Quattrocanali 4804 DPS+D and Ottocanali 8K4 DSP amplifiers, which will power the surround speakers in the dark ride experience, as well as embark on a journey with Mover which will be seamlessly integrated into a ride vehicle.

The Dark Ride Lab is free to attend and takes place from 13 – 16 June, from 10am – 4pm at Oceaneering – 8046 Horizon Park Drive, Orlando. It is conveniently located just a 10-15 minute drive from the Orange County Convention Centre.

Free tickets and registration for The Dark Ride Lab is available here: www.attractionstechnology.com/event-info

Visit Powersoft’s booth: #5653 and join Unica and Universo launch event at 12pm on 14th June at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida.