PK Sound at the 2024 NAMM Show

PK Sound will present its new T8 robotic line source element at the 2024 NAMM Show (ACT Entertainment Booth 11513).

Featuring PK’s patented multi-axis robotics, T8 is precisely controlled down to 400 Hz in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The result is a degree of flexibility and precision in system dispersion for designers or operators in virtually any application. ACT Entertainment is the official North American distributor of PK Sound solutions.

The T8 system delivers PK Sound’s patented remote and real-time multi-axis robotic coverage control to a wider range of users and applications in the touring and rental, performance installation, theatrical, worship, nightlife and corporate event verticals.

Integrated inclinometers and network-based Auto-Array via .dynamics software enable each T8 module to recognise its position and angle within the system. Robotic control, onboard DSP and network data are routed through the world’s first implementation of Neutrik’s DR Series of IP65-rated connectors for maximum stability.

A pair of vented 8″ Tetracoil transducers with custom phase plugs manage low-frequency response while a Dual Ring Radiator coaxial compression driver handles mid and high frequencies. This three-way, high-directivity design offers detailed and variable pattern control of frequencies from 20 kHz down to 400 Hz, resulting in significant SPL reductions between on-axis and off-axis coverage points. A two-channel VE15 1,400 W Class D amplifier maximises headroom while maintaining crystal clear audio and exceptional output.

The elongated wave guide of the T8 is robotically manipulated to offer variable symmetric and asymmetric horizontal dispersion in 49 configurations, from 60 to 120 degrees, so users can shape an array’s radial directivity remotely and in real time.

Flown straight, the array’s directivity is then configured remotely using industrial linear actuators. Vertical angles are variable with 0.1-degree accuracy, and an entire system can be configured and flown by a single operator.

The T18 subwoofer offers low-frequency performance with peak SPLs of 140.4 dB and an operating range of 25-100 Hz.Sharing many internal components with PK Sound’s flagship T218 subwoofer, T18 features a front-loaded, long-excursion 18″ transducer in a bass reflex design for clean and punchy output.

A single, field-replaceable module located on the rear of the cabinet contains the 2,700 W ClassD amplifier, control electronics and power supply. DSP and Milan-ready networking simplify set-up and calibration while optimising acoustic performance even for advanced deployments including cardioid configurations and arc delays.