Philips Lighting Release VLZ Range

Philips Entertainment Lighting has announced the availability of the new Philips VLZ range of moving head luminaires for professional show lighting applications.

Responding to feedback from leading lighting professionals, the design team at Philips Entertainment Lighting improved its Philips Vari-Lite VL3000 Series. The resulting Philips VLZ range has a smaller footprint, improved beam quality and additional features based on the latest LED technology, while maintaining the familiar Vari-Lite colour performance and programming workflow.

The 3 fixtures, the Philips Entertainment Lighting VLZ Spot, VLZ Wash and VLZ Profile are dedicated to their individual functions, yet designed to work in unison. All deliver fast, accurate and repeatable movement on all functions. Martin Palmer, Vari-Lite product manager at Philips Entertainment Lighting, commented: “With the VLZ we have kept the best features of the successful VL3000 Series, and brought them up to date with our latest light source technology”

The 3 new Philips Entertainment Lighting VLZ fixtures use the Philips Vari-Lite CMY-CTO colour system, familiar to lighting designers worldwide for its creation of seamless mixed colours. Complementing this, dual fixed colour wheels with linear control give access to all the Vari-Lite colours and split colour combinations that users will expect. In addition, colour shake and colour wheel spin control have been added to every model, further extending the creative options available.

Using the same 620W LED engine, all Philips VLZ fixtures produce an 8000K colour temperature light output with variable CTO adjustment. They can also be frequency tuned and are equipped with Gamma shift for cameras. Lighting designers and directors are assured of consistent colours, effects, programming and performance across the range, reducing time spent adjusting for variations between fixture types. ‘Standard Mode’ operation delivers another major advantage, as the VLZ sets a new standard for quiet operation.

VLZ Spot
The Philips VLZ Spot produces a 25,000 lumen output, creating striking mid-air and break-up effects from its dual rotating and indexable gobo wheels, plus a 3-facet linear prism. The high contrast, flat field, 7-50˚ zoom range and iris provide beam control, while the 16-bit focus control channel allows for hard to soft-edge focusing, with focus zoom tracking remotely selectable from the console. Beam softness can be further adjusted via the three-way frost control.

VLZ Wash
Also with 25,000 lumen output and 7-50˚ zoom range, the Philips VLZ Wash boasts a flexible array of beam-shaping options, with 3 different systems used independently of each other or in combination. A lenticular lens can flatten the beam shape, while a beam softening control offers 4 softness grades. Lastly, a set of four internal framing blades can be used to further shape the beam.

VLZ Profile
Designed for mid-air effects and crisp, defined image projection, the 24,000 lumen output Philips VLZ Profile features 2 gobo wheels with Philips Vari-Lite exclusive patterns. A continuously rotatable animation wheel provides further effects variety, while its iris and 4-blade framing system give full beam-shaping control. Like the VLZ Spot, the VLZ Profile has 16-bit focus control for hard to soft-edge focusing, console-selectable zoom tracking and three-way frost control.