Philips Light The Scorpions

Philips Lighting has announced that its unique stage lighting fixture, the Philips VL6000 Beam, will deliver powerful impact to the Crazy World concert tour by German heavy metal band, The Scorpions.

The power and quality of the output from the 36 Philips VL6000 Beams solves several challenges for The Scorpions’ LD, Manfred Nikitser; packing enough punch to cut through the light from the LED screens on the stage, and strong enough to deal with long throw distances, as the lighting trusses are trimmed at between 10m and 14m above the stage.

“The VL6000s give exactly the strong look this kind of rock show needs,” explained Nikitser, “and even with full content on the screens, I can still make an awesome light show! If you look for fixtures that will work with this amount of video, the selection is small. And with this height, it’s even harder to get the power you need.”

However, despite those demands, the VL6000 Beams cut through with the presence required for this spectacular heavy rock show. The designer is delighted with his choice. “I also like the look of the fixture – thanks to the big front lens. There is just no other fixture on the market that looks that good and produces a hard-edge wash beam with this kind of brightness.”

A long-standing user of the Philips VL3500 wash fixture, Nikitser sees the VL6000 Beam as an important step for the Philips VL range. “I was always looking for a ‘state of the art’ version of the VL3500 – a fixture with more features, that is faster and brighter. When I saw the VL6000 for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the look of it – the big reflector, the small body size. Very unique.” Nikitser continued. “The colour wheels are so super-fast, it’s unbelievable. The fixture is doing an excellent job!”

During the tour’s recent North American leg, The Scorpions were supported by Megadeth. Veteran LD, Bryan Hartley, delivered a design which utilised The Scorpions’ lighting, including the VL6000 Beams. Like Nikitser, Hartley found them to be an ideal beam tool for this bright environment. “The VL6000 Beams are just awesome. I love the output. I like them so much I’m requesting them for my design for Trans-Siberian Orchestra – come and see!””

Grant Bales-Smith, General Manager EMEA, Philips Entertainment Lighting, concluded: “We developed the VL6000 Beam by listening very closely to lighting designers’ needs. We are committed to providing the entertainment industry with stage lighting fixtures that deliver the very best solutions for these kinds of demanding environments.”

The Scorpions’ Crazy World tour continues its European leg through till March 2018.