Pacific Coast Entertainment Adds Agility with EAW Redline

Huntington Beach, California-based Pacific Coast Entertainment (PCE) has added 16 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Redline loudspeakers to their production inventory. PCE is a full service production company providing rental, sales, audio, lighting, video and installation services throughout the country.

The PCE team had been looking for a powered loudspeaker solution that could serve as both a monitor and a 2-way stand-mounted system. The company serves the corporate AV market which oftentimes requires high audio quality that is also simple to use and operate.

“We listened to a lot of products but could not find anything we were really happy with,” explained Ryan Steidinger, CEO of PCE. “When EAW’s Jonas Domkus suggested we give Redline a listen we figured it couldn’t hurt. We were immediately impressed. They have that renowned EAW sound, the quality is terrific and they are both rugged and reliable. Exactly what we were looking for.”

The Redline family consists of two powered, two-way loudspeakers – the RL12 12-inch and RL15 15-inch – along with the RL18S 18-inch powered subwoofer. The systems contain highly-customised precision transducers engineered to meet the demands of live sound. RL12 and RL15 offer perfectly consistent directivity via Beamwidth-Matched crossovers on 90 x 60 ° user-rotatable horns. Four-aperture ports provide massive bass support minimising turbulence while maximising transducer-cooling air flow for utmost reliability. The RL18S subwoofer is cardioid-ready via simple rear-panel controls, allowing end-users to achieve high levels of low-frequency control without need for complex processing or calculations.

The self-powered loudspeakers feature 1,250 watts of fanless Class-D, Power Factor Corrected amplification. EAW Focusing sonic processing delivers the impulse response of a studio monitor with the impact demanded by live sound applications. DynO processing optimises the power transfer from amplifiers to transducers to audience, maximising headroom and sound quality at a high SPL. Three simple user-defined voicing options allow a variety of uses without need of a computer or external processor.

Since taking possession of the loudspeakers PCE has been using them for a full complement of shows, as corporate main PA systems, monitors for music events, and for VIP parties and school shows. Recently, they were sent out for former Vice President Dick Cheney’s book signing at the Nixon Library.

“These loudspeakers sound great right out of the box,” Steidinger added. “We rent them out and use them on our own jobs. They are simple to send out and result in minimal questions from customers because they are so straight forward.”

Steidinger continued: “You have to be agile as a rental company – customers always want it to cost less, take up less space, be easier to use – the list goes on. Redline fills a void for us. The series lets us provide the features the customers want at a price they can afford. We are very pleased to have them and suspect they will last us a good long time.”