Stagelight deploys Showtec and Infinity solutions at Paaspop

Paaspop is a three-day festival that takes place in Schijndel on Easter weekend each year, but the build-up starts much earlier.

Each stage at the festival not only has to be built from scratch, but also equipped with sound and lighting equipment worthy of some of the biggest national and international acts.

Stagelight has been providing Paaspop with lighting equipment for a long time and 2024 was no exception. In total, Project Manager Hermen Klerks selected a 1,310 light fixtures from Infinity and Showtec for the event, lighting up stages and decorations all over the event area. Among this were 400 Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 RGBW LED outdoor spotlights with a previous incarnation of the Spectral M800 adding another 210 fixtures to the mix. Both models offer colourful spot lighting with dim and strobe effects.

The Showtec Spectral M3000 Zoom Q4 MKII was also on site with 100 of these RGBW LED outdoor spotlights adding spot to wash light effects thanks to their wide, motorised zoom range. More wash lighting came in the form of the Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 with 184 fixtures providing colourful wash effects and the lights’ 5-section control offering plenty of possibilities. A total of 48 Showtec Pixelstrip 40s were also on display and with each one offering 40 individually controllable RGB LEDs, the options were almost endless.

Many light fixtures by Infinity were also used at Paaspop 2024. These included 100 iB-2R moving heads. These were complemented by 64 Furion S401 moving spotlights that added more colours with extra effects coming from the built-in animation wheel and gobos to ‘The Silver Warehouse’ stage. More fast-moving beam and wash effects were added by 50 iW-1915 and 48 iW-720 moving washes. The light effects continued with 48 iFX-615, a rotating RGBW bar that creates beam and sweep effects, and 40 iM-2515 RGBW Matrix lights that offer full pixel control. To top it all off, 18 of Infinity’s Furion flagship model, the S601 Profile, provided a fully featured moving head that has 4 dual axis moving blades to create various shapes, a zoom range of 6.5° to 45°, 2 rotating gobo wheels with gobos and Digital Motion FX.