Obsidian Control Systems announces shipping release of NX1 control system

The Obsidian Control Systems NX1 console along with the add-on NX P playback wing and NX K keypad are now being delivered to customers around the world.

Following the successful launch of the NX1 lighting control system at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt in late April, the NX1 console along with the add-on NX P playback wing and NX K keypad are now being delivered in large quantities to customers around the world.

The NX1 is the newest member of Obsidian Control Systems’ ONYX family of lighting consoles. Ultra-compact yet fully-featured, it is designed to handle a huge variety of shows where an intuitive console is needed without a PC. “The Obsidian NX1 is an outstanding compact and affordable lighting console that’s been developed with no compromises and without frustrating limited features that don’t quite work right, like you often experience between smaller and larger desks,” stated Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager at Obsidian Control Systems, who was part of the NX1 development team. “We were able to take the entire ONYX platform without limitations and fit it into a premium hardware at an incredible price point. From the custom-designed motorized faders to the precisely milled front panel and sunlight readable touch screen, everything on the NX1 has been optimized to provide the best user experience.”

The NX1 offers a slate of professional features in a low-profile design like a high-brightness 10.1″ HD multi-touch screen, 4 assignable parameter encoders, 10 full motorized playbacks with four freely assignable buttons plus an extra playback and function key hybrid array. A dedicated Master Go section rounds out the efficient front panel design. Made of rock solid construction, the latest in industrial grade components allows for fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 8 Universes right inside the console. Measuring only 298.5 mm x 636 mm x 71 mm (11.75 x 25 x 2.8 in.) and weighing a light 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs), the NX1 fits under one arm and is portable enough to carry on commercial flights.

“Our hardware and software team really excelled at building the ultimate compact controller that the market has needed for a long time,” Hinrichs continued. “We are thrilled to have met this challenge and the incredible amount of pre-orders for the NX1, NX P and NX K is proof positive that we have hit the sweet spot of price and performance with this new range in the fast growing ONYX platform.”

The NX1 offers a pair of easy-to-add companion tools that when combined with the console create an even more powerful and flexible control solution. The NX1 is expandable with the dedicated NX P motorized playback wing, which replicates the full playback section of the NX1, and the compact USB-powered NX K keypad, which replicates the full keypad and command section of larger consoles. A simple magnetic alignment system allows attachment to either side of the NX1. The keypad and playback wing are part of the ONYX platform and can be utilized with all other NX devices or ONYX PC control systems.

Aligned with the shipping release of the NX1 is the newly released ONYX 4.8 Version software, which enhances the user experience of the ONYX platform. The new version software adds support for up to 16 NX P playback wing modules, improves visual color mixing feedback, and ensures full compatibility up to the latest Windows 11 Operating System.

ONYX Version 4.8 is available for all ONYX consoles and PC systems at www.obsidiancontrol.com