NXTGENbps and Green Kit form hire partnership

NXTGENbps announced a partnership with Green Kit. The NXTGENbps Meerkat and Goat batteries, along with the Goat expansion battery Billy Goat, are portable and sustainable power solutions and are now available to hire with Green Kit. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Green Kit to introduce the NXTGENbps Meerkat, Goat and Billy Goat batteries to the film and broadcast industry,” said Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability at NXTGENbps. “This partnership signifies our commitment to making sustainable power solutions available for everyone. Hiring batteries from Green Kit will allow crews to reduce their carbon emissions whilst ensuring a seamless, silent production experience.”

Green Kit recently rented out the Goat to power a satellite link from London to Doha, ensuring that the live broadcast from outside of Westminster ran smoothly for the four-hour duration. Martin Langley, cameraman for the broadcast, commented: “Hiring the Goat for this broadcast was a game-changer. It saved the crew tremendous amounts of time with a quick and easy set-up, and being a silent battery generator, we didn’t have to worry about noise interference.”

Green Kit Ltd is the first rental house to offer the NXTGENbps green battery generators for hire. Pat McEnallay, Founder of Green Kit, added: “The Goat is a great addition for our organisation. With the industry coming back to full strength, it is important to offer the most advanced, sustainable technology.”