Nitelites become the first UK company to acquire RCF’s flagship TTL55-A active PA system

Photo credits: Alex Alevroyiannis

The investment gives the sound and lighting specialists the capacity to provide audio coverage of the largest festival sites as well as providing them with a number of scalable options for smaller events.

The consignment of 144 premium RCF cabinets included 56 TTL55-A high-power three-way enclosures, 24 TTS56-A, two 21 inch subs, 24 TTS36-A and two 18 inch subs. In addition, a further 24 of the smaller TTL33-A will be used as downfill boxes at the bottom of each hang, as well as infill duties, while 16 TTL36-AS will provide further LF extension, boosting the dynamic range of the flown arrays.

Aside from the speakers themselves, Nitelites Director Andy Magee confirmed that the purchase was equally driven by the relationship the company has traditionally enjoyed with the Italian manufacturer, and its north of England-based Technical Manager and Live Touring Specialist Mick Butler, and the roadmap RCF has set out for further development of its advanced electronic platform. Magee stated: “We strongly believe in the product and in the company. This is the reason we have been involved with them for so long.”

Already familiar with the smaller TTL33-A, which it run in its hire fleet, Nitelites first had the opportunity to evaluate the larger system in a real world situation, when in the Spring of 2013 they were asked to provide production support at the Royal Albert Hall for Italian superstar, Luciano Ligabue. “This gave us the opportunity to see how good the system was, and how powerful it could be with its onboard DSP. We started to think hard about our own rental infrastructure and knew that this would open up a new revenue stream by enabling us to present the market with a premium system at a really attractive price point.

“We could also see the ongoing technology developments with their advanced RD Net control platform, and the scope for further electronic enhancement and software development by RCF’s R&D team. We were also impressed with the time RCF engineers had spent tuning their reverse cardioid setting so we can decrease energy irradiated to the rear of the stage and steer the energy better. So this is very much an investment in the future.”

Nitelites’ first port of call on taking delivery was the Sage Gateshead, close to its Newcastle-upon-Tyne base, where it already had RCF’s HDL20-A line array installed — and it took the opportunity to rig and dry run the new system. It then set about organising a high profile launch to Production Managers and FOH Engineers at the new Production Park in Wakefield, where it have previously undertaken full production rehearsals for touring accounts such as Frank Turner and Ben Howard.

“When we discovered they were planning a similar expansion the timing couldn’t have been better,” continued Andy Magee. “Between us we have formed something of a northern powerhouse, and we look forward to presenting a three day system launch from first to the third of March.” In fact Production Park’s new £2.5m phase one development incorporates a cluster of live event production resources spanning over £300,000 sq ft and five LS-Live rehearsal offices, three of which are mega-sized spaces. The new TTL55-A will be rigged in Studio 001.

Adam ‘Bullet’ Bettley, Studio and Hire Operations Manager at LS-Live stated: “When Nitelites approached me about hosting their RCF demo days I could see straight away what a brilliant opportunity it was for both of us. Production Park is all about bringing the best in the events industry together so it’s a perfect fit.

“At the same time, with 17,500 square metres of space, LS-Live’s Studio 001 is the perfect location for the Nitelites guys to really show off what the amazing TTL55-A system can do in an arena. In fact, having studied music tech at university, I’m really hoping that I might get a chance to play with it myself.”

In conclusion, Andy Magee stated: “We have a great dialogue with RCF and they are always prepared to listen to suggestions. We have backed the TTL55-A with national arena touring in mind, and look forward the challenge of building the brand further in the live sector. In fact I can see very few occasions where this won’t deliver.”

And Mick Butler adds, “We are delighted not only that Nitelites has made this commitment, but also to have been part of their success story over the years, as they have developed into a top line sound and lighting rental company.”