NEXO systems soundtrack two festivals in Southwest France

Photo: Anthony Rosier

Festival 666 and Un Violon sur le Sable took place in the southwest of France this summer with NEXO sound systems provided by local production services company, Black Line Event.

Staged between 11 and 13 August, the 666 Festival at Cercoux in the Charente-Maritime department drew hardcore metal bands from around the world.

For the Main Stage, Black Line Event deployed hangs of nine NEXO GEO M12 line array elements in active mode, with a line of 14 MSUB18 subs and four NEXO P8 compact point source speakers as front fills.

The B-Stage was rigged with eight NEXO GEO S12 per side, an arc array of eight RS18 subs and four PS10s as front fills. NEXO Alpha E was used for side fills on both stages, and PS15 monitors on the main stage and PS15R2 on the B-Stage completed an all-NEXO inventory.

“The system performed well with excellent coverage and bass control, and plenty of headroom” reported Black Line Event owner Jean-Claude Marsaud. “And it was good to have technical assistance on-site from the NEXO Engineering Support Team.”

One hundred kilometres away in Royan, Un Violin sur la Sable struck a very different note with classical concerts taking place on the beach on 22, 25 and 28 July. Black Line Event deployed a NEXO STM system of nine STM M46 main modules flown side by side with nine STM B112 bass extension modules, plus an additional three STM M28 omni modules on the bottom as down fills.

Nine STM S118 subs were ground-stacked beneath each array in a cardioid configuration to tighten the LF response and keep the low frequencies off the stage, and pairs of NEXO GEO M6 cabinets were spaced across the stage as front fills. Three NEXO NUAR racks per side provided amplification and processing.

“These two very different festivals prove the versatility of NEXO systems for any type of event,” concluded Jean-Claude. “Flexibility is the key to success for a sound rental company.”