New KT Platform from Porter & Davies

The company specialising in silent tactile monitoring systems Porter & Davies announces the launch of the new KT Platform which is perfect for active staging.

The new technology can be used by stage designers and managers to enable performers to experience the exciting, intense physicality of the music they make while dancing. Porter & Davies have completely re-engineered the KT Platform giving it improved frequency response as well as making it lighter, more robust, and easier to handle.

The KT Platform technology helps musicians and performers feel the power of the music being created without deafening volume. The inner sensations felt through the active staging helps them lock into the groove, maintain an effective beat and put them right in the mix. Porter & Davies have just installed a 16inch x 12inch active dancefloor demo in central London using six of its super powerful TT6 drivers.

The KT Platform is a two-unit system consisting of the ‘Platform’ and the ‘Engine’: The Platform is a ‘podium’ with a tactile sound transducer which the user stands on when performing. The original KT Platform, featuring a superior 150W transducer, has been redesigned to feel more responsive, have a greater active area and is very robust. It is now joined by two new versions. The TT6 Equipped KT Platform uses the TT6 1,000W super-transducer and like the TT6 Equipped Throne it can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk. Many touring bands and rental companies have requested the option to drive their P&D gear in this way. The third version, the KT Concert platform also features the TT6 transducer and is twice the size of the other KT Platforms.

The Engine contains all the electronics: amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry and volume and tone controls. The engine comes in three styles: The BC2, rack mountable BC2rm and the Gigster. All have identical build quality, power, performance and the same controls, Input Gain, Master Volume and Low Contour. The BC2 and BC2rm have a voltage switch for full international flexibility compared to the Gigster’s set voltage which makes it lighter and more portable. The BC2 has an inbuilt flight case making it ideally suited to touring and travel.

The KT Platform can also be beneficial to guitarists, bass players, keyboard players, DJs, stand-up percussionists and singers using in-ears.