New ADB products at Prolight+Sound 2019

ADB will be present at Prolight+Sound with a large demo and hospitality area (HALLE 12.0 stand E59), where you will see all the new products as well as some ‘classics’.

Here are the products presented for the first time at Prolight + Sound:

Ocean is an innovative lighting console, designed for theatres, opera houses and multi-purpose venues immediately attracted a great deal of interest among sector workers.

The Ocean's most striking feature, as well as one of its main strong points, is its high-resolution touch screen, with a 70-cm-wide (27½-inch-wide) viewing area. It provides operators with full access to all functions and control of all parameters through a single screen, which greatly simplifies control desk ergonomics.

Due to its ultra-stretched display format, the console and screen itself are still very compact, both in depth and height. This means the operators have a perfect view of the stage from every angle, regardless of where they are sitting and can place the console on small surfaces. Moreover, its shallow depth allows them to access the touch screen very easily.

The obvious ergonomic and practical advantages of the Ocean, however, should not be allowed to overshadow the advanced software and hardware technology it is equipped with. For example, to respond to the ever-increasing need for multiple connections, it is the only console on the market with four Ethernet outputs, which means you no longer have to provide additional Ethernet access.

The Orkis is ADB’s new colour LED Fresnel or Pebble luminaire, which brings the modernity of innovative technology to the stage in a simple, versatile, heavy duty unit.

Its CRI remains stable at values of at least 97 thanks to a modern 6-colour LED system and advanced software. The Orkis’s performance really comes into its own in colour production: the colour range obtainable is very wide, and every shade can truly be achieved. It faithfully reproduces the behaviour of a halogen light, making it compatible with various different light sources.

The Orkis is also an extraordinary variable white LED unit, from 8000K to 2500K: the white light it produces is extremely pure since it combines six colours, and the CRI is unaltered when the colour temperature changes. Its flexibility of use is remarkable: a flood light up to an angle of 87° (field angle), or a spotlight with an angle of 15° (beam angle).

Variation is continuous, smooth and linear within this range. Alternatively, the Orkis can be modified into a PC luminaire, by changing the lens with the related accessory. Modern, technologically advanced, versatile and extremely quiet, the Orkis can deliver high-quality light in many applications.