MTG appointed new distributor for Obsidian Control Systems in Belgium and Luxembourg

MTG (More Than Group) has been appointed the sole distributor for Obsidian Control Systems products in Belgium and Luxembourg. The distribution agreement is effective as of 1 January 2023.

Despite being a relatively new distribution company, MTG boasts a wealth of experience in the audiovisual industry, with its team having over a century of collective expertise. MTG’s co-founder, Micha Meijer, has been a key player in the lighting industry for over three decades, holding roles as a lighting operator/programmer, technician, and designer. With extensive experience in the support and sales of lighting desks, as well as a background in lighting design, Micha’s goal has always been to assist and advise clients. At MTG, he is dedicated to going beyond simply distributing products, by providing support and creating innovative solutions that add value for his clients. The company serves the entire market, catering to both rental companies and resellers.

To ensure the highest level of focus on the products it distributes, MTG carefully curates a selective range of products.

Micha previously worked extensively with a different lighting console brand, but recognizing a lack of advancement, he researched the offerings of Obsidian and reached out to his long-time acquaintance Bert Schmeits at Elation Professional. After thoroughly evaluating Obsidian’s full range of products, Micha attended training sessions on the Obsidian ONYX platform.

“I was impressed by its capabilities and found it to be one of the easiest consoles to learn,” he said. “I believe it has great potential and am confident it will become a top-tier lighting console brand.” Micha also had the opportunity to get in depth with Obsidian’s new compact yet full-featured NX1 lighting controller. “The NX1 offers a remarkable array of features in a compact desk, including motorized faders,” he said. “Its small size belies the powerful capabilities it possesses, I was truly amazed. It can handle shows of any size and there is nothing it cannot do.”

Micha also had the opportunity to experience Obsidian’s data distribution range, NETRON, and was highly impressed by it. He finds other data distribution products to be overly complex, “but NETRON simplifies the process while maintaining top quality. It is user-friendly and easy to control, even for those without IT expertise, and can be adapted to a variety of settings.”

Micha has always played the role of liaison between end users and console developers and says he will continue to do so with Obsidian. He shared his feedback and input when he first used the ONYX platform, and appreciates that Obsidian takes user feedback into account, making it a constantly improving console. “I am excited about this new partnership and see great potential for growth for MTG alongside Obsidian,” he concluded.