Movecat Trains International Team from PRG

Caption: Movecat trains international team from PRG (Photo: PRG

The partnership between Movecat and the Production Resource Group (PRG), which began at the end of last year, has further intensified. Following the integration of a large amount of kinetic equipment from Movecat into the PRG portfolio, the next step took the form of comprehensive training in the devices concerned.

To this end, a large team from the three PRG locations in England, Belgium and Germany travelled recently to Movecat’s headquarters in Nufringen, which is near Stuttgart. Over the course of three days, the participants received comprehensive training in the operation of Movecat products as well as learning tips and tricks known only to advanced users.

The aim of the training was to assist the PRG employees in becoming well-versed contact partners for the company’s international clients, capable with their know-how and expertise of providing them with invaluable support in the implementation of their commissions and projects. A further aim was for these employees to serve in a sense as ‘ambassadors’ capable of passing on their knowledge to their colleagues.

“It was very important to us that a team from Belgium, England and Germany should spend a few days at the Movecat headquarters in Nufringen,” explained Executive Vice President & COO PRG EMEA Gary Boyd. “In this way, we can be sure of having trained experts in all regions capable of placing their knowledge at the disposal not only of our own employees but also of our customers.”