Morgan Dentch takes the hot seat

TPi is pleased to announce it’s first confirmed speaker for GTL Sessions, Harry Styles’ Tour Director Morgan Dentch. We sit down with her to hear about her history with the live events industry.

When did you land your first job in the live events industry?

“I went to university for theatre to become a stage manager. Upon graduating, they laid out two strategies: go to New York, work at Starbucks, and try to make it on Broadway; or go on tour, have no bills, and see the world. I found the second option far more appealing, and my first tour was with Sesame Street Live. They didn’t have a stage manager opening, so I was hired as the assistant tour manager and my first task on tour was a meet-n-greet with Elmo and 100 excited kids. The four years I spent with that show provided me with an excellent education on touring, management, and logistics. I really did learn to count tickets, merchandise, and luggage on Sesame Street!”

How have you found the transition from Tour Accountant to Tour Director? 

“I really enjoy the niche role of tour accounting. It utilises similar skills as tour managing, but with the ability to dive deep into spreadsheets, contracts, and reports. However, it can feel limiting – tallying up what has already happened, with only some ability to affect change. As Tour Director, it is great to have a 360° perspective, especially with an artist as dedicated and dynamic as Harry Styles. With the focus more on the planning, budgeting, and hiring; helping to combine everyone’s hard work to achieve a successful show.”

What does your new role entail?

“The role of Tour Director can alleviate some of that pressure – providing a bridge between artist management and the tour, while serving as an extension of both entities. They ensure that communication and efforts are aligned between all involved, keeping the team functioning, on schedule and within budget. The Tour Director position may be a luxury for most productions, but it is a necessity for the big ones.”

How have the past two years been?

“I’ve had the privilege of touring around the world with some of my favourite artists, including Dead & Company, John Mayer, and Harry Styles. I’ve also joined Full Stop Management as their Director of Touring. I’m very excited to expand my attention further in this role, lending support across the talented and hardworking artists we represent.”

Are you looking forward to GTL Sessions?

“I am very much looking forward to the GTL Sessions this coming May! We’re often too busy working to take the time to reflect and reconnect with our peers. Tour Managers and Directors navigate unique challenges and varied needs, with high expectations to deliver. And we depend so much on our travel partners. What a treat to spend three days in a beautiful location while learning from and connecting with some of the best in the industry.”