Moment Factory Innovates New Worlds For Muse’s Drones World Tour

Photo credited to Moment Factory and Todd

In a creative partnership, Moment Factory teamed up with British rock band Muse to conceive and create the visual content and interactive elements of the group’s 2015-16 Drones World Tour.

This close collaboration saw the development of new 3D and interactive technologies that went from conception to concert tour.

Designed by Oli Metcalfe, the Drones World Tour saw the trio performing “in the round” for the very first time at stadiums and arenas across the world. They played on a rotating central stage with two extended catwalks enhanced with giant projection screens.

Gyrating apocalyptic figures, epic battles, and sensational symbolism (including some high-tech surprises) were but a few of the delights brought to life by Moment Factory in the course of realising the band’s grand vision for the live version of Drones.

This tour was one of the most ambitious and innovative concert projects Moment Factory had ever undertaken. A system of 3D cameras and custom-developed real-time visual effects pumped out responsive visuals to 12 Barco projectors, while custom-built particle, distortion, and mosaic effects processed I-MAG feeds also in real-time.

Additionally, one of the biggest BlackTrax 3D tracking systems ever deployed (featuring 38 infrared cameras) ensured visual effects, sound, and light followed band members as they move across the stage.

“There’s a lot of new interactive and 3D technology in this show that’s never been put on tour before,” said Moment Factory Co-founder and Chief of Innovation Dominic Audet. “Muse has always been forward-thinking with their concepts. They are fearless with concert experiences that make the most of cutting-edge stage design and interactive media.”